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Communication in Care

There have been a few thought pieces recently looking into communication in the care sector. There was one in particular that caught my eye from Bhavna Keane-Rao in the Caring Times on the importance of effective communication within the staff team. Within it she highlighted qualitive information such as staff observation “gives a much more rounded picture of a resident’s current condition”. Of course, as many of us know, staff handovers are often rushed and lacking this context from staff, leading to inconsistent and poorly-informed communications. Our experience in Residential Care Homes found these very same age old problems, issues that we wanted to address within MiCarePlan’s functionalities.

Previous MiCarePlan research found that only 4% of care staff report they are allocated time to catch up on care plans if they have been off work for any period of time, providing further evidence of lacking communication in care homes which will undoubtedly influence continuity of care.

We wanted MiCarePlan to be more than just making processes digital, we wanted it to tackle the ‘lesser known’ challenges care workers face in their work. As a result, built into the MiCarePlan system are a range of features which enable previous reports to be viewed in various formats, one of which being a Resident Timeline giving a chronological view of the events of the last 48 hours. Such view is not only applicable for handovers but throughout the shift improving continuity of care. It is often common practice for care homes to duplicate events into a ‘handover book’ however reduced time often means things are missed and unpaid handover periods mean this book is the only reference staff coming on shift have to understand how residents have been. MiCarePlan requires no duplication and instead carries detailed and qualitive information from one area of the system to another allowing various views depending on the need of the staff, whether this be with the Resident Timelinecalendar or statistics views which enable staff to catch up on a full history of resident reports.

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