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Meet the Team!

In the last few months, MiCarePlan has certainly hit a number of big milestones. What started out as an interactive PowerPoint presentation, put together on free Sunday evenings and trains back to Newcastle University. Became an ideas board in November 2016, and just 4 months later the first functional prototype was launched. Today, MiCarePlan is […]


Technology in care: A worry or an expectation?

  It’s no secret that recruitment and retention is without a doubt a major issue currently facing Adult Social Care. There are many reasons why care homes are struggling to retain staff, arguably due to increasing demands with limited resources, combined with paperwork overload. According to a survey from the National Care Forum ‘more than […]

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Communication in Care

There have been a few thought pieces recently looking into communication in the care sector. There was one in particular that caught my eye from Bhavna Keane-Rao in the Caring Times on the importance of effective communication within the staff team. Within it she highlighted qualitive information such as staff observation “gives a much more rounded picture […]


Innovative Change to Ageing Practices

It can feel confusing nowadays to come across parts of life that remain unaffected by technology. From the work place to the wardrobe, so many processes have undergone the “there’s an app for that” phenomenon. The weekly shop can be done from the comfort of your sofa, the heating and lighting in your home can […]