Enabling the effective
delivery of high-quality
compliant care

An accessible and
concise care plan
available at the
point of care.

Highly user centric, MiCarePlan has been developed by experienced care professionals for care professionals.

The system unifies all the necessary documentation required, to create personalised care plans.

The result is a reliable data record that supports the practical needs of carers.

A digitalised version of the legal, personal, and care planning documentation used everyday in care homes.

60 %

of Care Workers spend more time on paperwork than ever before

72 %

of Care Assistants state they no longer write care plans

96 %

of Care Workers are currently unable to catch up on care plans if they have been off work.

With just a tap…

  • Update a resident’s diet & fluid intake.

  • Monitor trends in a resident’s behaviour or reactions to activities.

  • Log the delivery of care and incidents on the go.

Technology that addresses your daily challenges:

  • Less labour intensive

  • Insightful, evidence-based data

  • Responsive, personalised care

  • Endless paperwork

  • Inconsistent Records

  • Overwhelmed staff


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